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My Story

My name is Abirami Shanmugalingam. I am a mom of twins. A Boy and Girl. I am a single mom, daughter, sister, teacher and friend. I started this club for single moms, mom's who feel there is no hope or a way out, for women who have experienced emotional trauma, betrayal, heartache, pain that no one else seems to understand. I have experienced first hand the five stages of grief. When my husband first left our home, I did not know what to do. I cried a lot, I stopped eating, I sat in front of the door after the kids went to sleep begging God to bring my husband back home. Everyone called to check on me, everyone told me I would be okay, no one told me it was okay for me to cry or feel the way I did. No one really understood what I was feeling in that moment. I was broken, I felt empty, I did not want to breathe or listen to anyone telling me I would be okay. I was not okay, I just wanted someone to understand the pain I was in at that moment. I wanted someone to say I am sorry you are going through this, I get it, Its not okay, you are not okay but you will be okay. I wanted someone to help me feel something whether it was anger or sadness, I just wanted to feel again.

My goal is to help women like myself become the best version of themselves. In my healing process I have learned to forgive, to move past the hurt, to accept and take control of my own life. I want to continue taking this journey with other women and build relationships, bring awareness and above all HEAL.

This is my journey, this is my healing process. I want to share with other women that healing is possible and it can happen. We are all going to have our ups and downs, days where we will feel as if nothing has changed, but if we have each others support we can work together to heal.

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