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Model 26zip =LINK=

CTranslate2 is a fast and full-featured inference engine for Transformer models. It aims to provide comprehensive inference features and be the most efficient and cost-effective solution to deploy standard neural machine translation systems on CPU and GPU. It currently supports Transformer models trained with:

model 26zip

Each converter should populate a model specification with trained weights coming from an existing model. The model specification declares the variable names and layout expected by the CTranslate2 core engine.

The original CTranslate project shares a similar goal which is to provide a custom execution engine for OpenNMT models that is lightweight and fast. However, it has some limitations that were hard to overcome:

The current approach only exports the weights from existing models and redefines the computation graph via the code. This implies a strong assumption of the graph architecture executed by the original framework.

See here for an example on how to generate this file. The file can then be passed to the converter script to be included in the model directory (see option --vocab_mapping) and can be used during translation after enabling the use_vmap translation option.

Yes, models using additional source features (a.k.a. source factors) are supported. The features should be added directly to the source input tokens using the special separator in both the file and batch translations APIs. For example:

Low_Zone.wcd - I converted this to V7 format.Updated April2001.wcd - I converted this to V7 format.Updated April2001.wck - this is a backup file for the one above.watermodel.wck - this is a backup file. If there is a "watermodel.wcd" that needs to be converted, please upload.

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