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Voyage Voyage MP3 Download - Desireless | Eurodance Hits

Voyage Voyage: A Classic French Song That Conquered The World

If you are a fan of French music or 80s pop, you have probably heard of Voyage Voyage, a song by French singer Desireless. Released in 1986, Voyage Voyage is one of the most successful French songs of all time, reaching number one in several countries across Europe. It is also one of the rare examples of a French song that transcended the language barrier and became a global hit.

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In this article, we will explore the story behind Voyage Voyage, its lyrics and meaning, its music and style, its success and impact, and how you can download it in MP3 format for free. Whether you are already familiar with this classic song or want to discover it for the first time, you will find this article informative and entertaining.

The Story Behind Voyage Voyage

Voyage Voyage was written by Jean-Michel Rivat and Dominique Dubois, two French songwriters who had previously worked with artists like Michel Delpech, Joe Dassin, France Gall, and Dalida. They wrote Voyage Voyage in 1984 as a tribute to their love for traveling and discovering new cultures. They initially offered it to several singers, but none of them accepted it.

One day, they met Claudie Fritsch-Mentrop, a former fashion designer who had started singing under the stage name Desireless. They were impressed by her unique voice and style, which combined a punk look with long blond hair. They decided to give her Voyage Voyage as her debut single. She recorded it in 1985 at Studio D'Aguesseau in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France.

The song was produced by Jean-Michel Rivat himself, who also played synthesizer and programmed the drum machine. He added some samples from a library of sounds, such as birds chirping, waves crashing, bells ringing, and children laughing. He also invited some backing vocalists to sing along with Desireless. The result was a catchy synth-pop tune with a dreamy atmosphere.

The song was released in 1986 by CBS Records in France. It was accompanied by a music video directed by Bettina Rheims, a famous photographer who had worked with Madonna. The video showed Desireless traveling around the world, wearing different outfits and hairstyles, and meeting different people. The video was a hit on French TV and helped to promote the song.

The Lyrics and Meaning of Voyage Voyage

Voyage Voyage is sung entirely in French, but its lyrics are simple and easy to understand. The song is a celebration of traveling, exploring, and escaping from the mundane reality. Desireless invites the listener to join her on a journey across the continents, oceans, and skies, where they can experience freedom, joy, and love.

Here is a translation of the chorus of the song:

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Voyage, voyage

More than ever

Through the night

Voyage, voyage

On the sacred waters of an Indian river

Voyage, voyage

And never come back

The song also mentions some specific destinations, such as Tibet, China, Japan, Burma, Africa, Australia, and America. The song implies that traveling is not only a physical activity, but also a spiritual and emotional one. By voyaging, one can discover oneself and connect with others. The song also suggests that traveling is a way of resisting the oppression and conformity of society.

The Music and Style of Voyage Voyage

Voyage Voyage belongs to the genre of synth-pop, which is a type of pop music that uses synthesizers and electronic drums as the main instruments. Synth-pop emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s as a result of the development of new technologies and the influence of disco and new wave music. Some of the most famous synth-pop artists are Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Eurythmics, Duran Duran, and A-ha.

Voyage Voyage also has elements of eurodisco, which is a variant of disco music that originated in Europe in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Eurodisco is characterized by catchy melodies, danceable rhythms, lush orchestration, and high-pitched vocals. Some of the most famous eurodisco artists are ABBA, Boney M., Donna Summer, Modern Talking, and Cerrone.

The song has a tempo of 120 beats per minute and is composed in the key of C minor. It has a simple structure that consists of four verses, four choruses, and a bridge. The song uses various synthesizer sounds to create different effects, such as strings, brass, bells, choir, bass, and lead. The song also features a prominent drum machine pattern that provides the groove and accentuates the beats. The Covers and Remixes of Voyage Voyage

Voyage Voyage has been covered and remixed by many artists over the years, showing its enduring appeal and versatility. Some of the most notable versions and adaptations of the song are:

  • In 1987, Belgian singer Kate Ryan released a dance-pop cover of Voyage Voyage as the lead single from her third studio album Free. Her version reached number one in Spain and Belgium, and the top 10 in several other European countries. It also charted in Australia, Canada, and the US.

  • In 1989, German singer Gregorian released a new age cover of Voyage Voyage as the second single from his debut album Sadisfaction. His version featured Gregorian chants and a female vocalist. It reached number 11 in Germany and number 17 in Switzerland.

  • In 1996, French singer-songwriter Françoise Hardy recorded a cover of Voyage Voyage for her album Le Danger. Her version was more acoustic and intimate than the original, and featured a guitar solo by Brazilian musician Caetano Veloso.

  • In 2006, Turkish singer Sertab Erener released a cover of Voyage Voyage as the first single from her album Sertab Goes to the Club. Her version was a club-oriented dance track with Turkish lyrics. It reached number one in Turkey and number two in Greece.

  • In 2018, Australian singer-songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke released a cover of Voyage Voyage as part of her album Live at the Sydney Opera House. Her version was a live performance with a symphony orchestra, and featured her operatic vocals and dramatic delivery.

The Legacy and Influence of Voyage Voyage

Voyage Voyage is widely regarded as one of the best and most iconic French songs of all time. It is also one of the most successful French songs internationally, having sold over five million copies worldwide. It is considered a classic of the synth-pop and eurodisco genres, and has influenced many artists and producers in the fields of pop, dance, electronic, and world music.

The song is still relevant and popular today, as it is often played on radio stations, TV shows, movies, commercials, and events. It is also frequently performed by Desireless herself, who continues to tour and record new music. The song has become a symbol of French culture and identity, as well as a celebration of diversity and tolerance.

Voyage Voyage is also a source of inspiration and pride for many people who love traveling, exploring, and discovering new places and cultures. The song expresses a universal desire for adventure, freedom, and happiness that resonates with many listeners across generations and borders. How to Download Voyage Voyage MP3 for Free

If you want to enjoy Voyage Voyage on your device, you might be wondering how to download it in MP3 format for free. MP3 is a popular and widely supported audio format that compresses the sound quality without losing much of the original fidelity. MP3

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