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Wet Wet Wet- Love Is All Around Me

"Love Is All Around" was written by lead singer Reg Presley in around ten minutes, inspired by a television transmission of the Joystrings Salvation Army band's "Love That's All Around".[4][5] It was recorded at Pye Studios with Larry Page producing and Alan McKenzie engineering.[6] In the UK, the single was released on producer Larry Page's record label Page One. Earlier in 1967, the Troggs had intended to sever ties with the label and with Page, who was also their manager; however, after several months, they later decided to stay, though they changed manager.[7][8][9] In the rest of Europe and North America, "Love Is All Around" by released on Fontana Records. The B-side "When Will the Rain Come" was written by drummer Ronnie Bond.[10]

Wet wet wet- Love is all around me

As of February 2021, it has sold 1.91 million copies in the United Kingdom, making it the country's best-selling love ballad of all time (including download and physical sales only), in front of songs including Bryan Adams's chart topping film theme (number 3 with 1.87 million copies sold) and "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston (number 5 with 1.66 million sales).[50][51]

Which means that you feel love all over your body. Just what happened to me when I saw Tania, a beautiful girl, who was just my friend, much to my regret ? I listened to the song 1000 times thinking about her.

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