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Armacad V10

Armacad V10: The Ultimate 2D and 3D Rebar Software

If you are looking for a powerful and versatile software to create any type of 2D or 3D reinforcement drawings with ease and accuracy, you should consider Armacad V10. Armacad V10 is a software that allows you to generate bar schedules automatically from the views or the 3D model, and to export your drawings to BIM format at IFC standard. Whether you are working on a building project or a complex engineering structure, Armacad V10 can help you design and document your reinforcement with efficiency and quality.

What is Armacad V10?

Armacad V10 is a software developed by OTP, a French company specialized in reinforcement software since 1989. Armacad V10 works under AutoCAD or BricsCAD, and is compatible with any 3D software through the IFC exchange format. Armacad V10 is multilingual, and supports multiple standards, such as BS8666:2005, BS8666:2020, BAEL, EC2, ISO4066, ACI, NBR, and more. Armacad V10 is also compatible with the BVBS exchange format, which is used by manufacturing software.

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What are the features of Armacad V10?

Armacad V10 has many features that make it a comprehensive and user-friendly software for reinforcement drawings. Some of these features are:

  • A user-friendly interface that adapts to your preferences and workflow. You can customize the software to suit your needs and standards, by creating your own reinforcement shapes and symbols, defining your own bar schedules and labels, setting your own drawing options and parameters, and choosing your own language and units.

  • A comprehensive library of reinforcement shapes and symbols that comply with international standards. You can also create and recognize any type of bending, and use a bar viewer to display the bars in 2D or 3D mode.

  • A powerful editing tool that allows you to modify, copy, move, rotate, mirror, stretch, trim, extend, split, join, array, offset, and align your reinforcement elements. You can also change the bar diameter while updating the bending diameters and any standard hooks, and retain the initial cover.

  • A smart labeling system that automatically updates the labels according to the changes in the drawing. You can also associate and mark the bars dynamically with automatic updates in the event of change of the formwork or of the distribution values.

  • A flexible bar scheduling system that allows you to customize the layout, content, format, and style of your schedules. You can also generate the schedules automatically from the views or the 3D model, and publish them on the drawing, in report, or in Excel in any format.

  • A seamless integration with AutoCAD and Revit that allows you to import and export your drawings between different platforms. You can also use Armacad V10 as a standalone software without AutoCAD or BricsCAD.

  • A BIM export feature that allows you to share your reinforcement data with other stakeholders in the IFC format. This way, you can ensure that your reinforcement design is compatible and consistent with the structural design, the architectural design, and the MEP design. You can also avoid clashes and conflicts with other elements, and detect and resolve any issues before they become costly problems.

How to get Armacad V10?

If you want to get Armacad V10, you can visit their website or contact them for a free trial or a demonstration. You can also find more information about Armacad V10 on their blog, where they post articles about their latest updates, tips and tricks, case studies, and more.

Armacad V10 is not only a software for reinforcement drawings, but also a tool for collaboration and coordination. By using Armacad V10, you can create high-quality reinforcement drawings that meet your standards and specifications, while saving time and money.

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