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Where To Buy Shikai Products

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where to buy shikai products

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The exhibition features nine Taiwanese design brands, including Carrefour Impact Stores launched by the retailor in 2020, which cooperates with Taiyen Biotech to develop own-brand circular shower and bath products; TPCreative's circular coasters made from wastes of electricity equipment; "CRYSTIN" by W Glass Project that displays the beauty of glass through recycling technology; the "Hibāng Circular Glasses" produced by duolog design using the recycled nylon from Taiwan's fishing nets; Miniwiz's multifunctional speaker of recycled and reproduced materials using the waste recycling system, "TRASHPRESSO"; and Acer's most eco-friendly Vero series of products. All the above-mentioned brands have infused the idea of sustainability with own brand spirit and product manufacturing. 041b061a72

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