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EARTHLOCK: Festival Of Magic

Enter a beautiful world haunted by its fateful past and join a party of unlikely heroes on their journey to rescue Amon's uncle from an ancient cult and uncover the secret of EARTHLOCK.Explore the magical world of Umbra.Fast-paced and highly strategic turn-based battles.Harvest magical materials to craft helpful items and perks on your home island.Utilize Your Talent Table: combining a classic 'skilltree' and equipment to customize your character's progression.Alternate between 6 playable characters.Grow your friendships between different character pairs for a strategic advantage in combat.Help the people of Umbra along they way to unlock more useful items.

EARTHLOCK: Festival of Magic

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Earthlock begins with your typical RPG history lesson: an ancient civilization ruled over all the people of Umbra by utilizing the magic or amri that is stored within the core of the world. After a period of time, the oppressed rose up against their oppressors and in the ensuing battle the amri core exploded, causing catastrophic disasters that effectively wiped out most everything and spawned a new civilization where beast and man alike can control magic. Umbra has settled into a relative calm since that forgotten time but the whispers of the old civilization have begun spreading from the old ruins.

The only other thing you can do to prepare for this fight is maybe switch out as many nodes in the Talent Boards as you can to include the Resilience card, which boosts magic defense, and craft extra Perks similar to the final boss strategy in the Road Map for extra elemental protection. This will lower his AOE damage and allow you to survive a bit longer. You should also be using any of the +3000HP health items you have during this fight, and enter the fight with both pairs of characters at full health and Super meter. 041b061a72

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