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[S3E19] Grey 17 Is Missing

GREY 17 IS MISSINGSeriesBabylon 5SeasonSeason 3Episode19Production Number319First Aired7 October 1996 Broadcast Order64thProduction CreditsWritten ByJ. Michael StraczynskiDirected ByJohn Flinn IIIExecutive ProducerDouglas Netter& J. Michael StraczynskiProducerJohn CopelandProduction DesignerJohn IacovelliDirector of PhotographyJohn C. Flinn, III A.S.C.ChronologyStory DateNovember 26 - 30, 2260Chronological OrderPreceded byWalkaboutFollowed byAnd the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding PlaceBroadcast OrderPreceded byWalkaboutFollowed byAnd the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding PlaceGaribaldi investigates a missing person in the mysterious Grey Sector. Delenn becomes the leader of the Rangers.

[S3E19] Grey 17 Is Missing

In Security, Michael Garibaldi is admiring an antique gun from his grandmother when Allan arrives with the odd report from the missing maintenance tech. After Allan asks about the gun, he explains the unusual report. Garibaldi elects to take the case himself when he hears the man simply disappeared and heads to Grey Sector.

In the aftermath of the explosion on Z'ha'dum, Sheridan is presumed dead and Garibaldi is missing. Delenn struggles to keep the alliance against the Shadows together, and Londo takes up his new position on Centauri Prime as security advisor to the emperor.

Clark is dead and the civil war is over, but several issues are unresolved. Ivanova is grief struck and Lise is missing. And Sheridan must now face the consequences of his actions. He did the right thing - but in the inconvenient way.

Mallin, who with Nyan are members of the archaeological team which uncovered the Gate, has told the Bedrosian military that people have come through a circle of stone. The military arrives, and capture Colonel Jack O'Neill, Carter and Jackson, but Teal'c and Nyan escape. The officer in charge, Commander Rigar, brutally interrogates the prisoners, hoping to catch their missing comrade and preserve the lie upon which his religion is based.

Good thing Patton was around to feed them an occasional lead. Look, there's Lopez outside the deadly bakery, while she was supposedly missing. Look, there's a stolen car loitering around the bakery. Let's track that down.

As children, Jeff had a crush on Fallon but their relationship was ruined by Blake, who didn't want them to date. As adults, their relationship was strictly business before it turned romantic. Jeff's intentions with Fallon became hazy after he confessed to his father in Rotten Things that he is using Fallon to get revenge on Blake. They later made amends after they learned they were cousins. When Jeff went missing Fallon was one of the first people to look for him. Now that Jeff is married to Fallon's mother, Alexis Carrington, Fallon is technically Jeff's stepdaughter.

Plot: In this tribute episode to Michael Jackson, Mercedes, Santana, and Brittany are upset about missing out on doing Michael Jackson with New Directions at Sectionals when they were in The Troubletones, so Will thinks about doing Michael Jackson for Regionals. When Blaine happens to tell Sebastian this, the Glee Club is purely disappointed at how Blaine can betray them, for the Warblers are now planning to do Michael for Regionals. The two clubs fight, but when Blaine is slushied and injured, the rivalry between the two clubs turns serious. Quinn is accepted into Yale and decides to leave her past behind. 041b061a72

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