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What makes us different?

I have not healed, and this is a part of my healing process. I share the same pain you do, and I had none to share my pain with. I want to share my experiences; I want to hear yours. I want to find ways to help one another uplift we and become the best versions of ourselves.  The sleepless nights, the inability to look at myself in the mirror, removing myself from those who loved and truly cared for me, Addiction (the embarrassment, the shame, the guilt) I want my life experiences to inspire, give hope and know that “this to shall pass”

  • Bonding and building relationship over trauma

  • Hope: “I/we have been through this and we are all ready to heal

  • Learning and accepting that this pain will be something that will take long to forget, but knowing we will get through it

  • Providing a safe place to laugh, cry, share, scream, sit in silence

  • Knowing that the person next to you shares in an similar or same experience as you and can say “I know, I hear you, I feel you”

  • Been through mixed race relationship challenges

  • Able to share my experience with other South Asian woman who sit or stay in silence because of what we are taught

Values: About
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