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A Supportive Family

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This is H.E.R. Single Moms Club is a support group for single moms, women who need support through relational trauma and for women who need support in finding themselves again.

We are here to help women identify and cope with the five stages of grief. The five stages being, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression & Acceptance. This is an organization that aims at helping women feel whole again. We will work together through group discussions, individual sessions and trauma counseling to help support each other through a difficult time. Together we will learn to forgive, accept and move forward.

Everything we do is founded in our core belief that no one should ever feel they are alone. We all have our own life’s journey, but the path shouldn’t be a lonely one. Our commitment is to provide a safe space for sharing, listening, learning, and supporting each other.

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My Story

My name is Abirami Shanmugalingam. I am a mom of twins. A Boy and Girl. I am a single mom, daughter, sister, teacher and friend. I started this club for single moms, mom's who feel there is no hope or a way out, for women who have experienced emotional trauma, betrayal, heartache, pain that no one else seems to understand.
I have experienced first hand the five stages of grief. When my husband first left our home, I did not know what to do. I cried a lot, I stopped eating, I sat in front of the door after the kids went to sleep begging God to bring my husband back home. Everyone called to check on me, everyone told me I would be okay, no one told me it was okay for me to cry or feel the way I did. No one really understood what I was feeling in that moment. I was broken, I felt empty, I did not want to breathe or listen to anyone telling me I would be okay. I was not okay, I just wanted someone to understand the pain I was in at that moment. I wanted someone to say I am sorry you are going through this, I get it, Its not okay, you are not okay but you will be okay. I wanted someone to help me feel something whether it was anger or sadness, I just wanted to feel again.
My goal is to help women like myself become the best version of themselves. In my healing process I have learned to forgive, to move past the hurt, to accept and take control of my own life. I want to continue taking this journey with other women and build relationships, bring awareness and above all HEAL.
This is my journey, this is my healing process. I want to share with other women that healing is possible and it can happen. We are all going to have our ups and downs, days where we will feel as if nothing has changed, but if we have each others support we can work together to heal.

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I am still Learning , I have not healed, I bring insight into our South Asian (Tamil) community, Inter-racial relationship challenges, ability to share in the pain of addiction, depression, cultural trauma and finally the healing!

I am still learning, looking for different ways to cope when things get hard. This community I want to build is a part of my healing process as well a chance for me help other women along the way. I share the same pain you do, and I had no one to share my pain with. I want to share my experiences; I want to hear yours. I want to find ways to help one another uplift we and become the best versions of ourselves.  The sleepless nights, the inability to look at myself in the mirror, removing myself from those who loved and truly cared for me, Addiction (the embarrassment, the shame, the guilt) I want my life experiences to inspire, give hope and know that “this to shall pass”

Our one-of-a-kind Support Group is composed of a welcoming and experienced community with individuals who are ready to listen, share advice, and offer whatever they can to help.

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This is H.E.R. Mission

Mission Statement:

My mission at This is H.E.R. Single Moms Club, is to give hope to all women out there that we can heal, and we will heal. I want to connect women from all over the globe to share, learn and heal over Relational Trauma, Betrayal, Infidelity, or anything else that you would benefit from our organization.  We all need support, we all need help at one time or another, we all want our stories heard and lessons to be learned. At This is H.E.R. Single Moms Club, I share in the pain and the growth that comes with healing. I will be focusing on The Five Stages of Grief, (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance).

Women need to feel loved, wanted, adored, they do not want to feel rejected, lonely, abandoned or betrayed. When this happen, the wholeness we once felt trickles away slowly until we become numb, not in control, broken, defeated, unloved, unwanted and all we want to do in those moments is cry, sleep, drink, find something or someone to pass the time, shrink away and hope no one notices until we can find a way to disappear. At This is H.E.R. Single Mom’s club, I want every woman to feel they are loved, adored, confident, resilient, a super woman who has the strength to accomplish anything she wants. My mission is to help women become whole once again.

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Several Options



A Great Option

Our Peer-to-Peer Groups provide the kind of comprehensive support you seek as you navigate your challenges. Our Support Group wants you to feel comfortable and at ease, so let us know what’s on your mind by getting in touch.

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A Popular Option

Our goal for This is H.E.R. Single Moms Club is to make you feel safe and supported. We help you with the different stages of grief. Our group facilitators have personal experience with each stage and will guide you through the steps they took to over come.


It is time to take charge of your own life and live the best life possible. 

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Human Connection

We all need to feel connected. We all want to feel loved and wanted. We will help you find that connection once again. Step by step we will regain the connection we thrive for.



January 28, 2022

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